With the start of the new year, many couples choose January as a new start to their lives after a difficult year there are many who seek to get divorced, this is often the busiest time of year for most divorce attorneys. Often January is the busiest time of the year for couples seeking a divorce, most families will try to hold off the divorce process till after the children can enjoy the Christmas holidays.

However with the budgetary concerns this year there are expected to be cuts to the legal system as the congress has authorized for the cutting of $81 billion from the United States budget. As the budgetary effects go into effect in April 2013, you can expect many more divorces to be filed prior to the cuts to the legal aid services. Some who have filed for legal aid help may even have their cases heard after the legal aid cuts, which may make them ineligible for legal aid help, this will depend on the outcome of the laws enacted for the budgetary cuts.

Without the help of legal aid you may find a lot more cases get drawn out as spouses become unsure of how to proceed with the case, you may see much more animosity towards one another resulting in disastrous effects on the children involved in the divorce case. Working with qualified divorce lawyers Atlanta who understand the process as well as what your ultimate goal of the divorce process will go a long way. They’ll be able to advise you where you could give a little in an effort to attain your goals.

The right divorce lawyer will want to help you through the process and have the divorce settled as soon as possible instead of having a long drawn out process, which doesn’t benefit anyone besides the lawyers as the litigation process can be very expensive.
If you’re seeking a divorce it’s in your best interest to speak with a divorce attorney and see if you qualify for any type of legal aid prior to the budgetary deadline in April 2013.

Divorces are often a traumatic time for all families involved, but it doesn’t have to drawn out process lasting months and years in some cases, you’ll want to work with legal aid and your divorce attorney to seek the quickest way to resolve the issues and use the money towards your children education instead of being spiteful and litigating on every issue.

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